Accepted Papers

  • Breaking the Lightweight Secure PUF: Understanding the Relation of Input Transformations and Machine Learning Resistance
    Nils Wisiol, Georg T Becker, Marian Margraf, Tudor A. A. Soroceanu, Johannes Tobisch, and Benjamin Zengin

  • An efficient and provable masked implementation of qTESLA
    François Gérard and Mélissa Rossi

  • A Bit-Level Approach to Side Channel Based Disassembling
    Valence Cristiani, Maxime Lecomte and Thomas Hiscock

  • Optimal Collision Side-Channel Attacks
    Cezary Glowacz and Vincent Grosso

  • Design Considerations for EM Pulse Fault Injection
    Arthur Beckers, Masahiro Kinugawa, Yuichi Hayashi, Daisuke Fujimoto, Josep Balasch, Benedikt Gierlichs and Ingrid Verbauwhede

  • Side-channel Attacks on Blinded Scalar Multiplications Revisited
    Thomas Roche, Laurent Imbert, and Victor Lomné

  • In-situ Extraction of Randomness from Computer Architecture through Hardware Performance Counters
    Manaar Alam, Astikey Singh, Sarani Bhattacharya, Kuheli Pratihar and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay

  • A Comparison of Χ²-Test and Mutual Information as Distinguisher for Side-Channel Analysis
    Bastian Richter, David Knichel, and Amir Moradi

  • Lightweight MACs from Universal Hash Functions
    Sébastien Duval and Gaëtan Leurent

  • Key Enumeration from the Adversarial Viewpoint. When to Stop Measuring and Start Enumerating?
    Melissa Azouaoui, Romain Poussier, François-Xavier Standaert, and Vincent Verneuil

  • CCCiCC: A Cross-core Cache-independent Covert Channel on AMD Family 15h CPUs
    Carl-Daniel Hailfinger, Kerstin Lemke-Rust, and Christof Paar

  • Remote Side-Channel Attacks on Heterogeneous SoC
    Joseph Gravellier, Jean-Max Dutertre, Yannick Teglia, Philippe Loubet Moundi, and Francis Olivier

  • Optimized Threshold Implementations: Minimizing the Latency of Secure Cryptographic Accelerators
    Dušan Božilov, Miroslav Knežević and Ventzislav Nikov

  • Improving Speed of Dilithium's Signing Procedure
    Prasanna Ravi, Sourav Sen Gupta, Anupam Chattopadhyay, and Shivam Bhasin

  • FELICS-AEAD: Benchmarking of Lightweight Authenticated Encryption Algorithms
    Luan Cardoso dos Santos, Johann Groszschaedl and Alex Biryukov